Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Tomorrow People: Episode 1 "Pilot" Review

The Tomorrow People is a show starring Robbie Amell, Peyton List, and Luke Mitchell that shows a lot of promise. Potential is written all over this show. They could take it into the next big thing or it could become a major disappointment. From what I have seen so far I think it will be good! This is because I haven't seen this type of action and sci-fy in a long time. The actors seem to do a good enough job. Also I can't wait to see whats next!

8.3/10- A Promising Action/Sci-Fi Adventure 

+ Action
+ Superpowers 

Monday, October 7, 2013

October 4-6 Weekend Box Office

Results go a follows...

1Gravity (2013)$55.5M$55.5M1
2Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 (2013)$21.5M$60.6M2
3Runner Runner (2013)$7.6M$7.6M1
4Prisoners (2013)$5.7M$47.9M3
5Rush (2013)$4.41M$18.1M3
6Don Jon (2013)$4.16M$16.1M2
7Baggage Claim (2013)$4.12M$15.2M2
8Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013)$3.88M$74.8M4
9Pulling Strings (2013)$2.5M$2.5M1
10Enough Said (2013)$2.15M$5.39M3

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Captain Phillips: Review

I was lucky enough to see an early screening for this movie at my local theatre and I and very happy I did. Captain Phillips is a great entertaining drama that takes a true story and recreates it on the big screen. Captain Phillips is played by Tom Hanks who is an easygoing, nonviolent, and self controlled supply barge captain. He delivers a solid portrayal of Mr. Phillips from start to finish. Director Paul Greengrass has really created something special with Captain Phillips.

Normally I hate the shaky-cam technique used  in movies. It makes things hard to see, and brings you out of the moment. Captain Phillips uses shaky-cam for 90% of the movie and I loved every second of it. (once i got used to it) It gave the film an edgy and realistic feel. Another positive thing about this movie is how real it felt. Every scene really pulls you in and makes you feel like you are there.

The pacing of Captain Phillips was slightly off. It has a perfect first hour or so and then slows down for what seems like to long. I think the movie would've been much better with 15 minutes shaves off whack would've given it a slick 2 hour running time. The performances were all in all good in general, but some of the extra supporting crew could've been better throughout. Two scenes in particular (No Spoilers) was an early scene of during a coffee break and one towards the very end that will be very noticeable. If you see Captain Phillips next weekend you will not be disappointed. 

8.5/10 - A Realistic Story of Survival and Courage

+ Leading Performances
+ Shaky-Cam done right
+ Realistic Feel
- Some Weak Scenes
- Dragged On a Little

Friday, October 4, 2013

Gravity: Movie Review

Gravity is a stunning tale of two astronauts who struggle for their lives is this amazing drama. The movie has a very quick  and  beautiful intro where our two characters work on the space station. Very quickly they are informed that debris is coming their way and then we have our movie. The acting is phenomenal and you really feel for the two characters throughout this movie and it is done with very little setup.

In comparison Life of Pi, another survival epic with stunning visuals, has a good 30 minute setup and in my opinion doesn't convey as good of a story. Gravity makes you go "Oh No!" "Cmon... Cmon!""Go, Go, Go!" time and time again and keeps you on the edge of your seat. Visually Gravity is also stunning in every way! The view of the earth you get through this movie is fantastic and stunning. I puts itself on a visual throne with other movies such as Avatar, Life of Pi, and Inception.
The camera-work is also fantastic in Gravity. You get far off views and 1st person views throughout the movie. The first person view was exceptional in  this movie and gives a sense of urge and desperation that you don't see in many movies. The music is rare but when it is used it is epic and triumphant. Gravity is a phenomenal Survival Drama from Alfonso CaurĂ³n that will always have a great place in my heart

10/10- A Dramatic and Thrilling Tale

+ Acting
+ Directing
+ Camera Direction
+ Visually Stunning

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Breaking Bad Series Review: A True Masterpiece Of Our Time

Breaking Bad is not just a show, it is a cultural phenomenon experienced by millions that will be remembered for the years to come. You could say it's the acting, or the writing, or even the direction of the show but in all truthfulness it is all three and a lot more. Every single tiny piece comes together to form probably the greatest show this world has ever seen. The ratings back these statements up to..... The 5th (and final) season of Breaking Bad has and overall score of 99 on MetaCritic and has a series score of 9.5 on IMDB which is the highest scoring TV show ever.
The brilliant process starts in the writing room where the series creator Vince Gilligan creates a beautiful and believable script that blows away critics and audiences alike every episode. But the true king of this series is the acting. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul blow away their roles and give some of the greatest performances I have ever seen. The villains of the show are amazing to, all the way from Tuco to Gus from who you will see continually great performances.
The thing that really makes this show so great is the ride it takes you on. From the beginning where you see a high school chemistry teacher, and all the way to the end when he turns into a drug lord. I am very young but I have a feeling that I will never see a show again that effects me like Breaking Bad once did and this is why i give it....

10/10 - A Dramatic Masterpiece

+Plot Development
+A Fufilling Finalie


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